Training offered by the Center aims to equip both the inexperienced and experienced in learning to live reconciled lives that affect our surrounding communities. Our training will range from building the personal skills of a peacemaker in everyday life to learning to be involved in community peace building and mediation. Learning to be a peacemaker or activist also includes learning the ways of nonviolence and conflict management skills.

Out of the heart of our faith and its vision of peace, we want to offer a variety of types of training and consultancy work that equips each one for the world we live in today. We have learned through our personal journeys that walking the way of peace brings change and hope as we see bridges of relationships built in conflicted areas. Peaceful lives and peaceful communities are possible as we put into practice the best of our Christian faith.

We want to be able to serve others through offering consultancy and internship programs that equip others to train peacemakers as well.


Upcoming Training Opportunities

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