Ian Rowlands

Ian is originally from Wales and is married to Jessica. They have 3 children – Sam, Megan and Jacob and an adorable Old English Sheepdog!

Ian has done many things including; starting and leading a church, developing and delivering training, consulting, running a creative agency and co-working space but would describe himself now as a social entrepreneur – which he defines as helping to find creative and innovative solutions for problems in society. He has done this in many different cultures and contexts through coaching, consultancy, advocacy, training, apprenticeships and initiating and running projects.

In terms of peacebuilding Ian was heavily involved in the Balkans with church work, relief and development work, and peacebuilding during ‘80’s and 90’s. including helping and initiating reconciliation between the various groups and cultures. In recent times, Ian, has been involved in using the arts to help build narratives around peacebuilding including working in Northern Iraq and co curating an exhibition called ‘Iraq – The Forgotten Story’.

He is also sort after as a mediator for teams and organisations that find themselves in unresolved conflict.

His main role with the centre is to help us build a sustainable and effective strategy going forward.

Ian's Blogs