Dimensions to Our Work


We aim to develop taster sessions, seminars, workshops and short courses; as well as longer training programmes and internships that link both knowledge and practice.

Skill Development

We will offer opportunities for trainees to develop and apply specific skills in real situations.


We will seek to understand emerging causes of conflict locally and in conjunction with partners, through engagement among communities and on social media, and respond by developing new projects and programmes in response to emerging social needs.

Social Activism

We aim to work with the community and other partners to develop projects and ongoing work in response to specific situations.

Social Media

In today’s social media rich world we will seek to develop an online presence for peace, confronting widespread online hatred and abuse, challenging conflict situations, catalyzing peace, and offering accessible resources for peace-building. 


We will seek to serve others by offering our expertise and developing customized training.

Partnership Development

We will seek to multiply our work through developing partnerships both for social activism and training.

Reflective practice

We will continually seek to learn from our practice so refining our training and programmes.

Spirituality of Peacemaking

In particular we wish to see the St Mary's Centre become a place where all our work is under-girded by a Christian spirituality and ethos of peacemaking and reconciliation, where the disciplines of a peacemaker are clearly lived, and where skills in ministering in a multicultural society are practiced.