Cathy Nobles


Cathy was born in Nevada and grew up mainly in Amarillo, Texas. She studied at the University of Texas-Austin and earned a BA in English/History and a M.Ed as a Reading Specialist. She taught for 18 years teaching mainly middle school children and inn 1989 was Austin’s Teacher of the Year.

In 1991, she left teaching and joined Youth with a Mission and served in Lausanne, Switzerland training young people on the Discipleship Training Schools as well as leading teams in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Kenya. Through this period of time she had the privilege of seeing firsthand the beauty and the complexity of leading multicultural teams and communities. Through this she observed and learned the real importance of listening to one another in order to begin to breakdown our walls of prejudice and live together as part of the body of Christ together. This was to be invaluable for her journey in the future.

In 1996, she joined the Reconciliation Walk(RW) and moved to Istanbul, Turkey. The Reconciliation Walk was a movement of Christians who came to the Middle East to apologize for the Crusades on the 900th anniversary. The movement was started by Lynn Green and Cathy, along with Matthew Hand formed the leadership team of the RW.  She was the RW Field Director who lived in each country with a supporting team that set up the advising and training for the teams that came to apologize for the Crusades. For more info please go to:

At the start of the Iraq War in 2003, Cathy moved to Harpenden in the UK and headed up the RW office and developed and led Journeys of Understanding taking groups to Israel and Palestine on 10 day trips to meet people from both sides of the conflict as well as visiting the biblical sites. As well as this she started to connect again with her passion of developing peace training including starting and running a School of Reconciliation and Justice that was a 3 month course focused on teaching the skills and concepts of peacebuilding and advocacy.

You can read more of Cathy’s story and why she came to Luton at LINK TO BLOG or hear her tell her story during an interview with Rev. Mike Jones at LINK.

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