After the London Terror Attacks

By Peter Adams

Statement from St Marys, the Parish Church of Luton and the St Marys Centre for Peace and Reconciliation following the London Terror Attacks, 3rd June 2017.

As a church we must be clear in our condemnation of acts of violence and our commitment to work with people of peace. Following the horrific London terror attacks, as leaders and members of St Marys Church Luton we want to express our support to our friends, colleagues and neighbours in the Muslim community in our town.  While the perpetrators have not yet been officially identified, eye witnesses and live video do seem to point once again to it being inspired by Da'esh, or so called IS. We stand with you in solidarity knowing that you totally condemn this incident and those we have faced previously as much as we do. In the days to come as the spotlight of the media, and the hatred of some in our nation falls on each of you, we want to express our support and our confidence in all you have done and are doing to reject and oppose this evil in our society. We know we stand together with you in seeking to build a stronger and united town and nation.


A video of Rev Mike Jones, Vicar of St Marys reading this message along with a wider comment will be posted later.

The Muslim Community in Luton made a statement on Sunday morning.